P1 (Bio)syntheses of chondramides and related cyclodepsipeptides

Besides chondramides cyclic peptides from myxobacteria this project focusses on another class of actin binding compounds i.e. miuraenamides which have not been well characterized due to lack of material. Therefore, aim of P1 is to develop a highly flexible protocol for the synthesis of miuraenamides and related peptides, based on peptide modification. This concept would allows the generation of compound libraries which shall be screened in various cell-based and in vitro biological assays in order to establish structure-activity relationships. Furthermore, targeted approaches will be applied to elucidate putative novel molecular targets.
A second aim of the project is the production and biological evaluation of novel chondramide variants, which exhibit, based on structural variations, a more cancer cell specific mode of action than the original analogs. To ensure sufficient supply of test substances synthetic approaches which should be accomplished by biotechnological onsets are planned.

Principal investigators:

DFG-funded scientists: 

  • Lisa Karmann, PhD student
  • N.N.

Associated scientists: 

  • Dr. Jenni Herrmann
  • Oliver Dorn
  • Lukas Junk