Project Groups

PTitleDisciplinePrincipal investigator(s)Institution
P1 (Bio)syntheses of chondramides and related cyclodepsipeptides Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Müller, Kazmaier Helmholtz Institute for Pharmceutical Research (HIPS) Saarland, Saarland University
P2 Syntheses of pretubulysin derivatives for targeted tumor therapies Natural Product Chemistry Kazmaier, Wagner Saarland University, LMU Munich    
P5 Identification, validation and functional characterization of targets of myxobacterial compounds with potential for pharmacological cancer treatment Organic Chemistry Sieber TU Munich

P6 Modes of action and proof of efficacy of myxobacterial compounds as antimetastatic agents Pharmaceutical Biology Vollmar LMU Munich
P7 Investigations into the influence of pre-tubulysin and archazolid on endothelial processes responsible for tumor cell adhesion and transmigration Pharmaceutical Biology/
Fürst University of Frankfurt
P8 Targeting of monocytes and macrophages by myxobacterial compounds as anti-cancer strategy Pharmaceutical Chemistry Werz University of Jena
P9 Design and synthesis of novel archazolids: development of simplified analogues Natural Product Chemistry Menche University of Bonn
P10 Impact of archazolid on tumor metabolism Pharmaceutical Biology von Schwarzenberg LMU Munich
PC Coordination, Gender Equality and Network Funding Pharmaceutical Biology Vollmar LMU Munich