P7 Investigations into the influence of pre-tubulysin and archazolid on endothelial processes responsible for tumor cell adhesion and transmigration

The RG 1406 has shown that the myxobacterial compounds archazolid and pretubulysin, besides direct effects on tumor cells and the tumor vasculature (endothelial cells), can prevent cancer cell dissemination. This project aims to characterize the action of the two compounds on endothelial cells responsible for the inhibition of cancer cell extravasation, a key step in metastasis, and to analyze the mechanisms involved. Focus will be on the involvement of (i) cell adhesion molecules and (ii) chemokines and on the elucidation of the underlying signaling pathways. A further aim is to characterize the anti-angiogenic potential of soraphen and to test novel pretubulysin and chondramide derivatives for their effects on important endothelial functions (endothelial cell-tumor cell and endothelial cell-leukocyte interaction, angiogenesis).

Principal investigator:

DFG-funded scientists: 

  • Tanja Stehning, PhD student

Associated scientists: 

  • Dr. Iris Bischoff
  • Daniel Glatzel, PhD student
  • Betty Luong, PhD student