P5 Identification, validation and functional characterization of targets of myxobacterial compounds with potential for pharmacological cancer treatment

This project focuses on target identification and validation via chemical proteomic based methods. In the new funding period the established chemical proteomic platform will be applied for characterization of potential novel targets of soraphen A and archazolid.
The design of both functionalized molecules will be carried out in close collaboration with P2 and P9. In order to gain quantitative data stable isotope labeling will be applied in cell culture (SILAC). This method will allow to immediately rank the identified protein hits according to their binding specificity and thus increase the confidence in the obtained results. In addition, we will further refine the method of ABPP and implement a photolinker free native enrichment strategy that would allow to reduce the extent of structural modifications on the target compound. All novel hits will be validated by in depth biological characterization.

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  • N.N.

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  • N.N.