P6 Modes of action and proof of efficacy of myxobacterial compounds as antimetastatic agents

The V ATPase inhibitor archazolid, the tubulin binding agent pretubulysin and chondramide, which targets the actin cytoskeleton, have been shown to strongly affect tumor growth and dissemination. Using these compounds also as chemical tools interesting information on the role of their targets especially V-ATPase could be obtained.
In the second funding period we will extend our knowledge on the in vivo efficacy of the compounds and their in vivo mechanism of action. Moreover, further signaling pathways important in cancer such as the Notch-pathway and its change by archazolid will be examined. Combination of chondramide and other chemotherapeutics will be tested for their synergistic effect and the underlying mechanism explored. Finally we will examine the antitumoral and antimetastatic potential of soraphen, a myxobacterial compound inhibiting lipid synthesis and thus the role of lipid metabolism in tumor growth and metastasis will be addressed.

Principal investigator:

DFG-funded scientists: 

  • Christina Moser, PhD student

Associated scientists: 

  • Dr. Simone Braig
  • Dr. Florian Förster
  • Dr. Johanna Liebl
  • Katharina Ferkaljuk, PhD student
  • Henriette Merk, PhD student