P10 Impact of archazolid on tumor metabolism

Due to the distinct metabolism of tumor cells targeting its pathways or resources has come into focus in cancer therapy. During the first funding period it has been shown that inhibition of the V-ATPase by the myxobacterial compound archazolid not only leads to apoptosis induction but also induced the transcription of genes related to glycolysis, fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis. Furthermore we found an increased consumption of glucose and a strong induction of HIF1α which suggests an alteration in metabolism.
The project aims to analyze the reason for alterations in tumor metabolism as well as the consequences for the cell. Thereby specific pathways to therapeutically interfere especially using drug combinations will be evaluated. Strong focus is out on the potential of archazolid in in vivo models aiming to use combinations that target different steps in metabolic pathways

Principal investigator: 

DFG-funded scientists: 

  • Karin Steiner, PhD student

Associated scientists: 

  • Lina Schneider, PhD student